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SS Implant


One-stage Surgery

Enjoy the advantages of our one-stage treatment approach, eliminating secondary disturbances and reducing inflammation in the soft tissues during the healing phase.


Simple Treatment

The two-platform system enables convenient surgery, prosthesis, and stock management.


High stability

Good stability of the prosthesis. Force from mastication is spread into the implant because a prosthetic margin is formed at the implant.

Implant Design


  • Straight body design: Easy Depth Control
  • Less sensitive to bone density and drilling diameter
  • Can be placed with Straight Drill
  • Available from DØ 4.0 mm - DØ 5.0 mm

  • 1.5° Taper body design for a good initial stability
  • Appropriate for Immediate & Early loading
  • Can be placed with convenient Taper Drill
  • Available from DØ 3.5 mm - DØ 7.0 mm

Implant Platform


Two Platforms for all Diameters

SS implants have two platform sizes - Regular & Wide. Surgery, prosthesis loading, and platform switching are easier than ever before! Wide abutments only fit implants with a Wide connection (from a diameter of Ø 4.5 mm).

  • P 4.8 (Regular): Implants with Ø 3.5 mm, Ø 4.0 mm, Ø 4.5 mm
  • P 6.0 (Wide): Implants with Ø 4.5 mm, Ø 5.0 mm, Ø 6.0 mm, and Ø 7.0 mm

The implant diameter Ø 4.5 mm is available with regular or wide platform!

» TS Abutments are not compatible with the SS System and vice versa!

Color Coding by implant diameter

  • SS implants are provided in different diameters and lengths in order to cover multiple indications.
  • The outer package and labels provide valuable information about the enclosed product before opening: Sterilization expiry date, implant length & diameter, article & LOT number.
Ø 3.5 Ø 4.0 Ø 4.5 R Ø 4.5 W
Ø 5.0 Ø 6.0 Ø 7.0
» Color coding is indicated on the product package.

Implant Surface


SA Surface: Sandblasted with alumina and Acid etched

  • Optimal surface for Osseointegration: The sandblasted with alumina and acid etched implant surface helps ensuring optimal treatment outcomes with every implant placed in any type of bone. This process guarantees optimal surface roughness and facilitates osseointegration.
  • Surface roughness: Ra 2.0 - 3.0 ㎛
  • Micro shape on surface: 50 - 100 ㎛
  • Far superior to RBM: 46% increase in surface area and 20% improvement in osteogenesis of new bone compared to RBM.
  • Clinically proven: Most commonly used hydrophobic surface, backed by the most extensive clinical data accumulated over its long history.
  • Treatment period: Can load the prosthesis after 6 to 12 weeks (may be a difference in treatment period depending on bone mass or periodontal condition).


Available as PreMount Implant

  • The SS Implant is available as a Pre-Mounted Implant, which also includes a Cover Screw.
SS Mount
SS Cover Screw

SS II SA Implant

6 mm 7 mm 8.5 mm 10 mm 11.5 mm 13 mm
Ø 4.0 | R / ASS2R4007S18 ASS2R4008S18 ASS2R4010S18 ASS2R4011S18 ASS2R4013S18
Ø 4.5 | R / ASS2R4507S18 ASS2R4508S18 ASS2R4510S18 ASS2R4511S18 ASS2R4513S18
Ø 4.5 | W / ASS2W4507S20 ASS2W4508S20 ASS2W4510S20 ASS2W4511S20 ASS2W4513S20
Ø 5.0 | W ASS2W5006S20 ASS2W5007S20 ASS2W5008S20 ASS2W5010S20 ASS2W5011S20 ASS2W5013S20

SS III SA Implant

6 mm 7 mm 8.5 mm 10 mm 11.5 mm 13 mm
Ø 3.5 | R / / ASS3R3508S18 ASS3R3510S18 ASS3R3511S18 ASS3R3513S18
Ø 4.0 | R / ASS3R4007S18 ASS3R4008S18 ASS3R4010S18 ASS3R4011S18 ASS3R4013S18
Ø 4.5 | R  / ASS3R4507S18 ASS3R4508S18 ASS3R4510S18 ASS3R4511S18 ASS3R4513S18
Ø 4.5 | W  / ASS3W4507S20 ASS3W4508S20 ASS3W4510S20 ASS3W4511S20 ASS3W4513S20
Ø 5.0 | W ASS3W5006S20 ASS3W5007S20 ASS3W5008S20 ASS3W5010S20 ASS3W5011S20 ASS3W5013S20
Ø 6.0 | W ASS3W6006S20 ASS3W6007S20 ASS3W6008S20 ASS3W6010S20 ASS3W6011S20 ASS3W6013S20
Ø 7.0 | W ASS3W7006S20 ASS3W7007S20 ASS3W7008S20 ASS3W7010S20 ASS3W7011S20 ASS3W7013S20



SS Implant System | Productcatalog

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SS Implant System | Prosthetic procedure

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