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Autobone Collector


Why Autobone Collector?


Collecting bone chips

Bone chips with a thickness adequate for an easy GBR



Front-end protruded point prevents vibration and sliding at initial drill


Ease of irrigation

Easy irrigation thanks to the thin cutting blade configuration of the twin blade drill

How to use the Autobone collector

  • Separate the drill and the stopper, and disinfect them in the autoclave.
  • Connect the stopper on the drill.
  • Set the desired rotation rate (rpm) within the range of the surgical engine, between 300 and 600 rpm (300 rpm recommended for unskilled users).
  • Collect autogenous bone while pumping, when performing irrigation.
  • Once collection of autogenous bones is completed, grip the top of the stopper on the drill, and slowly separate the stopper from the drill. (Attempting separation of the stopper by gripping the bottom of the stopper may cause an advertent bouncing of the spring.)
  • Use the Bone Ejector to remove any autogenous bone kept in the stopper, if required.


AutoBone Collector

  • Short Type
  • Long Type


  • Short Type
  • Long Type

Bone Ejector


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