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MS Implant


Why MS Implant?


Narrow Ridge Solution

Small Diameter (1.8mm to 3.0mm) Implant for Narrow Ridge and Narrow interdental region


Various Options

Options from simple Narrow interdental cases to Denture to support for temporary prosthesis



One body implant without a screw between implant and abutment and with stronger Titanium alloy material

A mini dental Implant designed for narrow spaces.

The MS Implant is specifically designed for narrow ridge applications with the body and threads designed for simple insertion and maximum stability. The ability to correct the implant direction during insertion promotes a high rate of success even in the narrowest spaces. Compared to standard RBM treatments the MS System increases surface roughness and morphology by 45% with early cell response and bone healing occurring 20% faster.

Each implant system is backed by Osstem Implant’s expertise in implant production as well as our dedication to dental health. With several years and countless resources dedicated to the research and development of our implant systems, we can guarantee quality with every single drill and component. With our tools, you can give your patients the “third set of teeth” they have been dreaming of.


Narrow Ridge

One-body type implant suitable for narrow bone or narrow interdental area



Implant suitable for denture fabrication in narrow bone width, edentulous patient



When immediate temporary prosthesis is needed, it can be used and removed within a certain period of time


Narrow Ridge

Suitable for Narrow Bone Width or Narrow Inter-Dental Area

Abutment is designed in the shape of prepped mandibular anterior teeth, so prosthesis is possible without modification (If necessary, modify with irrigation). Implant and abutment are integrated, therefore, show high degree of long-term stability


MS Denture

Suitable for Edentulous Patient with Narrow Bone Width

Compatible with o-ring systems from TS, SS and US


MS Provisional

Temporary Implant for Immediate Delivery of Temporary Prosthesis

Easy-to-remove small thread (Depth 0.25) and machined surface. Path compensation is possible by bending the neck to adjust to various clinical cases for temporary use


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